With recycling we generate economic value for a product that would dissolve very slowly in a natural way.

The idea of closing the circle of manufacturing, use and recycling has been very important for us from the beginning. For this reason, we offer our customers the possibility of buying back the waste generated when using our sheets.

Delivery weeks
Tons/month production
Different products
Production lines
Environmental awareness

At Plade Ecofiber, environmental, economic and social values go hand in hand, contributing to a growing phenomenon that is environmental awareness. We work closely with national and international junk collection and separation plants, where we process all types of plastic waste in a sustainable manner. We have the latest technology in the field of optical triage.

Quality standard

In our flake production plant in Southeast Asia, we produce clear and light blue flake from bottle, cold or hot washed with different qualities, A1, A2, B1 and B2. In addition, we also sell virgin raw materials. We pride ourselves on the quality of our final product.


Our original raw materials and our flakes go through an intensive analysis in our laboratories, in possession of the best equipment available, in charge of experienced technical personnel. The quality guidelines are strictly observed in all processes, from the entry stage of raw materials to the end of the production and shipping stages.


​Producimos y comercializamos

  • ​Granza de PET virgen (original)
  • ​Flakes de PET(100% botella triturada), clear o light blue A1, A2, B1 y B2
  • ​Flakes de PET procedentes de post industrial (esqueleto de lámina)
  • ​PET aglomerado
  • ​Flakes de PVC
  • ​Granza de PP (original)
  • ​Granza de PE (original), HDPE y LDPE