PLADE ECOFIBER, S.L. is a company dedicated to all kind of plastic sheets the commercialization, both rigid and flexible, fundamental for food, pharmaceutical, electronic and medical products packaging; as well as consumer goods, printing and other specialized applications.

Our solutions in foils not only protect and enhance the beauty of the products packaged in them but also guarantee their conservation and the safety and health of the final consumer.

Thanks to the quality of our products, the after-sales service, our reduced delivery times and the technical support we offer to our customers, Plade Ecofiber, S.L. it has become a benchmark in the sector in a very short time, and a highly competitive and satisfactory option for our clients.


Product range

  • Mono layer PET (Original or recycled)
  • A-B-A PET. With this structure we obtain a very high quality film, with an exceptional transparency and machine behavior, where "A" layers are extruded with virgin PET and "B" layer with recycled flakes.
  • PET PE ideal for containers that need to be sealed
  • PET EVOH PE, perfect for high barrier packaging
  • PVC monolayer for thermoforming (valid for direct food contact)
  • PVC Box Grade, special for manufacture boxes and cylinders by technique of folded.
  • PVC for printing
  • PVC Deco (wood look) special for the furniture industry.
  • PVC PE


  • PP
  • PE
  • PS
  • PS High impact
  • PLA
  • Virgin PET pellet (Original)
  • PET flakes (100% crushed bottle), "clear" or "lightblue". A1, A2, B1, B2
  • PET flakes from post-industrial (crushed sheet skeleton), transparent or colors
  • Agglomerated PET
  • PVC Flakes
  • PP granules (Original)
  • PE pellet (Original) HDPE, LDPE

At Plade Ecofiber we are very aware of the environment. Plastic is a wonderful product that does not enjoy a good reputation due to the excessive use of it and the treatment that is given to the waste once plastic has been used. That’s why the idea of closing the circle of manufacturing, use and recycling has been very important for us from the beginning.

For this reason, if our client is interested, we will repurchase the scrap generated when using our material. We also offer our customers a complete range of raw materials, such as original PET, PET flakes (post consumer and post industrial), PVC flakes, PP and PE granules and others.

Why Plade Ecofiber?

  • We offer you a personal treatment
  • Young team, with extensive experience in the sector and highly qualified
  • Because we know how to advise you in what you like
  • Because we don’t want you to spend on what you don’t need
  • Because we can give you a new and different image from the rest
  • Fast and efficient service, adjusted to your needs
  • We have a commercial network and an effective distribution system
Plade Ecofiber

In addition we also market all types of machinery for the food packaging industry, such as thermoforming machines, “form-fill-seal” machinery, flowpack, multivack, thermosealing machinery, grinders, crushers, separate plastic lines and any other machine that our customers may need.

Plade Ecofiber
Plade Ecofiber